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Continental is now officially part of Walnut Creek Little League!

Continental Little League has officially merged with Walnut Creek Little League! Starting with the 2023, the league will operate as one entity under the Walnut Creek Little League (WCLL) name.   All families that were apart of Continental are now part of this new league, as the official boundary of WCLL expands to include the Continental boundary.  

This will benefit families as it expands our field use and allows kids to play with friends that may have been within the old WCLL boundary.  

Please visit the WCLL website at:

Registration for the 2023 Season is now open!

We are excited to announce that we are merging with Walnut Creek Little League for the 2023 season. With the success of the previous two seasons, we are excited to partner with the league again.  

Registration for the upcoming season will be conducted on the Walnut Creek Little League site.  Please visit that site or you can enter registration directly using the button to the right.